“Slow Bar” Craze Hits Kansas City


Kansas City has been hit with the coffee bug. We are lucky to have so many great shops in our city that have been here for years and more recently we have had a surge of new shops coming in and calling Kansas City their home. Some local coffee shops are expanding into different parts of town. With all of these new shops some are putting this phrase “slow bar” in the name of their shop.

I was wondering if people in Kansas City or even around the country know what a “slow bar” is. I have gone to some of Kansas City’s own “slow bars” and asked questions. —Continue Reading.


Kansas City’s Odd Coffee Tasting Shop


This is a much overdue overview of Oddly Correct. I try to come as often as I can but with hours of 7a til 3p Monday through Saturday, if I do not plan it it can be difficult to make it in. This coffee shop is unlike most of the coffee shops here in Kansas City. Located just off of Westport Road and Main Street, they are trying to bring life to that part of Main Street by providing amazing coffee. This is where their shop is located now, which is about a year old, but before this store front they brewed chemexes and v60’s out of their roasting facility. Which is no bigger than the size of a oversized SUV. So if you did not mind being close with person next to you then it was not the place for you. But now they have their new beautiful space with long community tables that almost instantly creates conversations with the people around you. You might think that you are not hipster enough for the shop, do not think this way. All are welcome. —Continue Reading.

Coffee, Coffee, Tea, Coffee!


It’s that time of year again. The Caffeine Crawl reaching it’s third year in existence, made it’s way back to it’s roots in Kansas City. The first Crawl took place two years ago in 2011. Jason Burton of the LAB brining the Caffeine Crawl back to Kansas City bigger than ever. It started as a one day event and has now grown to a three day event leading up to the second annual Specialty Coffee and Tea week. The crawl has grown so much over the past three years. Burton and the rest of the LAB team have big things in store for next year. —Continue Reading.

Baristas in the Competition Arena


On October 25 – 27, the regional barista competitions kicked off in Minneapolis with the Big Central Regional Barista Competition. This competition combines talented baristas from both the South Central and North Central regions. This competition took place at Upper Cut Boxing Gym which brought out the competitive side of everyone, even those not competing. This space was awesome. As soon as I walked into the space I was greeted with familiar faces. Friends that I met from the Big Central event in January, from the World Barista Championship in Melbourne, and even friends from our lovely Kansas Coffee Community. —Continue Reading.

Down in the River Quay


Visited Quay Coffee again today, but with a friend. It’s another newer coffee shop that made it’s debut a few weeks ago in Kansas City’s River Market. Cory and Tanner at Quay are using Oddly Correct’s coffee. Their menu is simple: shots, latte, americano, mocha, pour overs(V60’s and Chemex), as well as bottled drinks. I like the simplicity because it allows the coffee to be the star and you can enjoy the coffee and it’s many flavor notes. Today they had Tanzania and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I enjoyed the Yirgacheffe. I love their bar, they have pictures on their Facebook page. It’s a nice set up making it easy to talk to the customers while making their drinks. —Continue Reading.