Starbuck’s Blonde Roast


I understand this may look weird, a post about Starbucks. I believe that as a barista and some one that wants to make coffee their career, we should always check out and do research on the latest trend in the industry. That’s with any industry. You must be informed with that latest trend, because if anyone asks you about it you should be able to give them an informed answer rather than assuming. If we assume what people are looking for then we could easily drive them in the wrong direction — Continue Reading.


Down in the River Quay


Visited Quay Coffee again today, but with a friend. It’s another newer coffee shop that made it’s debut a few weeks ago in Kansas City’s River Market. Cory and Tanner at Quay are using Oddly Correct’s coffee. Their menu is simple: shots, latte, americano, mocha, pour overs(V60’s and Chemex), as well as bottled drinks. I like the simplicity because it allows the coffee to be the star and you can enjoy the coffee and it’s many flavor notes. Today they had Tanzania and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I enjoyed the Yirgacheffe. I love their bar, they have pictures on their Facebook page. It’s a nice set up making it easy to talk to the customers while making their drinks. —Continue Reading.