Drunken Fish P&L – KCRW2014


Last night we found ourselves indulging ourselves in amazing courses in a beautiful environment at Drunken Fish. I reserved our table with the Open Table App and luckily I did. As we walked in the what felt like below freezing temperatures, we found a bunch of people waiting for a table. We were directed to our table in the area where we were able watch the amazing sushi chefs do their thing for a packed house. I encountered the general manager at the Private Restaurant Week Kick-off Party(check pictures on our Instagram) and the information he gave me was just astounding. He was answering Sadie and I’s questions before we even knew that we had them. I knew that I had to go there at some point during Restaurant Week. — Continue Reading.



Kansas City Restaurant Week 2014


It’s that time of year again Kansas City. That week all the foodies in the city have circled really big in red ink. We start putting our tips in a jar to eat out almost every lunch and dinner available. What am I talking about? Kansas City’s Restaurant Week of course.


This year there are over 100 restaurants participating in this year’s restaurant week. My friends and I went to Restaurant Week for the first time last year and it was so much fun getting to taste what Kansas City had to offer. One thing I did not know about restaurant week that I wish I knew is that the restaurants donate 10% of their proceeds to 3 different non profits. Which you can learn a little more about it at our Restaurant Week page.


Sadie and I went to a preview party to learn a little more about Restaurant Week as well as taste what some of the restaurants might be offering. There was a lot of food that was consumed as well as learning and asking questions about their menu. One thing I have noticed is a growing number of vegetarians reading KCMorsel as well as just in the Kansas City area. Whether it be for moral or for health, We were looking out for you.


There were a handful of restaurants that were at this event such as Drunken Fish, Nara, Westside Local, Taco Republic, and so many more. Needless to say we were definitely full after this event and needed to relax after all of the food consumption. While we were enjoying the little bites we were also asking about vegetarian options or vegan options.


I have good news! Most of the restaurants that we were talking to said that if you were wanting to participate in Restaurant Week and were vegetarian or vegan they would be happy to accommodate your needs.


Drunken Fish told us that they are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan. and a ton of different allergies. They told us that they learned fast about these issues so created ways to get around them and help you out.

Places like Brio Tuscan Bar and Grill were not as willing to accommodate, but because Restaurant Week is also a fundraiser, they said that they would be willing to donate 10% of a vegetarian meal if you wanted to do that.


Dick Benjamen of P&L Entertainment District said that the restaurant growth in Kansas City is “a source of growth and city pride.” I could not agree more. Adam from Consellation Brands said that Restaurant Week is “no better way to spread community enrichment such as restaurant week.” How true is this? Growing up we sat around the table at dinner with the family learning about each other’s days. We can still do this today and even with our extended family, our friends.

If you want more information or want to follow where we are going, you can go our Restaurant Week Page. Also check out the Kansas City Restaurant Week website as another great resource.


Perks at Park Place


“Arte Della Tazza” means Art from the Cup, and that is exactly what you will find at Parisi Artisan Coffee’s Leawood Location.

Floor to ceiling windows on the North front wall of the shop let morning stream in, filling the classy café interior with just the right amount of warmth. Trendy colors highlight the  white walls, counters and tables for a sleek and upscale ambiance. Stylish prints of people enjoying life and coffee in black and white line one wall, while inverted lights reminiscent of champagne flutes hang from the ceiling, illuminating  the bar. As you make your way to the counter to place your order, the wide open space around the register draws your eye up to the crisp logo on the back wall and over to the simple, but well-rounded menu that now includes several cocktail options. —Continue Reading. 

Aloha Kansas City


Kansas City just had their first fall of snow today. Even though it was only about an inch, it’s a sign that Kansas City’s winter has begun. Granted it might be in the 60′s next week, but if you can not wait that long there is a place you can go. It’s Longboards Wraps and Bowls in North Kansas City. I was so surprised that I had never even heard of this place. As you walk in you see surfboards, leis, and anything that might remind you of Hawaii or the Pacific Islands. Even as you walk in it has such a warm welcoming atmosphere. Their owner, Gilbert, used to live on the Pacific in his childhood and loves the surf life, so he brought that atmosphere to Kansas City. —Continue reading.

Homemade French Macarons


Macarons are those coloring cloud looking pastries that you often find in coffeeshops. Parisi and Little Freshie are just two shops that I can think of in Kansas City that carry them. They have always appealed to me. Not just because of their appearance, but because of the flavor combinations that you hear. Like rose,  lavender, orange chocolate, and so many others. Not too many pastries dare to be bold with their flavor combinations. Plus they are just so dainty and cute. The main problem I have with them is that I am allergic to tree nuts. The main ingredient of a traditional macaron is almond flour. Deep down I have been jealous of those that have eaten them around me, but now my problem has been solved. —Continue Reading.