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75th and Wornall is filled with a ton of bars, but there is one bar in particular that I have been going to for about six months.  My friends and I go at least once a week. Remedy Food + Drink has modern rustic aesthetic, with it’s clean wooden high tables and picnic-style tables. There is ample space for larger groups as well as an intimate space for date nights. Their bar is the place where my friends and I hang out. It is a pretty chill bar, but perfect for talking, laughing, and having a great time.


From my experience, I have learned that a bar’s staff makes or breaks its reputation. If the bartenders or waiters/waitresses take the time to get to know you, or just talk to you, it makes the time at the bar that much more pleasurable. Remedy definitely has this down. We have gotten to know most of the bartenders as well as the servers, and even some of the kitchen staff. As soon as we walk into Remedy, it is like an episode of “Cheers” and tonight was no different. Immediately upon arrival, Eric greeted us with open arms and welcomed us home.

Another reason we love to visit Remedy is their menu. To me, a good restaurant is one that has a menu that is changing with the seasons and what is locally available. This ensures freshness of products that are being used, and Remedy just released their spring menu for beverages and food. This post is about their drink menu, and in the near future there will be a post about the food.


One thing that I have enjoyed about Remedy is the creative cocktails. The bartenders always seem to be working on new concoctions with flavors that one would think wouldn’t mix. If you do not know what you want to drink, Eric and the other bartenders can easily make a drink based off of the flavors that you are wanting, whether it be strawberry, mint, sour, or bases of various alcohols. It is fun to see what they can create. My first drink was the Smoke ‘N Ruca. This drink was made with mescal, tequila, orange juice, lemon juice, agave, cilantro, and soda served in a copper mug. I really enjoyed this drink, it was a nice balance of flavor and the cilantro added a nice freshness to palate. It is definitely a drink I could picture enjoying on a porch on a beautiful sunny day. Maybe I’ll get this drink when their doors are open this spring.


My friend enjoyed the Malaysian Mule. Also served in a copper mug, it was made with house Thai Chili, basil infused vodka, velvet falernum, lime juice, and ginger. This drink was amazing. As someone who loves spicy flavours, I never would have thought to put it in a drink. It sounds as if it would be over-powering, but that is not the case. The spiciness hits you up front and the lime and ginger add a nice aftertaste that does not completely get rid of the spice, but compliments it. My friend added that the Malaysian Mule also had a fresh, crisp feel to it.


Another drink we received was the Lilly Pad; a shaken cocktail made with Greylings gin, strawberry basil shrub, and canton. That was not the end of the drink. As a final touch Eric smacked a basil leaf between hands before placing it in the drink to create the look of a lilly pad. This beverage was decent, but something Eric was telling us is that this drink will only get better as the season progresses and the strawberries get sweeter. I cannot wait to try it again further into the summer.


Along with a great selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles, they also have a great selections of wines. Just recently Remedy started a wine club, where they spend one night tasting a variety of wines and pulling out flavor differences between the wines.


Something new this season is their selection of mocktails. Not everyone drinks and some feel intimidated if they have to ask for a virgin beverage. They should not feel that way. Remedy has created a group of drinks that are alcohol free, and still full of flavor. Eric was very excited about this new section of the menu when I asked him about it. I enjoyed the Ode to Red which was ginger beer, pineapple juice, and lime. It was so delicious and I could drink a ton of these without being worried about its effect of my well being. It had a nice balance of sour and sweet. I cannot wait to try the other mocktails available.

This is only a morsel of their drink menu. I cannot wait to try more of their drink menu. A cocktail is about $7 – $9. Throughout the week they have specials on their wine and craft beers. These bartenders and servers work hard, so please do not forget to tip your service industry peeps.


Facebook: Remedy Food + Drink
Twitter: @RemedyWaldo

Address: 500 W. 75th St., Kansas City, MO 64114
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 11:00a – Midnight; Friday: 11:00a – 1:30a; Saturday: 10:00a – 1:30a; Sunday: 10:00a – Midnight


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