Snow & Company

ImageThere is cocktail bar in the Crossroads District in Downtown Kansas City called Snow and Company. I have walked by this restaurant/bar a ton of times during the Crossroad’s monthly event, First Fridays. Every single time I have walked by this place, it’s always been packed. I believe before it was a bar, it used to be a furniture store. But now it’s hopping with people taking a break from the fine art galleries and enjoying the culinary arts of food and drinks.

I talked to a friend of mine, Jason from the Lab, about Snow and Company. He told me that it was a place that I definitely should check out. I was then even more excited to check out Snow and Company. What could be better than a frozen cocktail on a 104 degree summer July day in Kansas City?

ImageA few of my friends ended up stopping by before out festivities of First Fridays. One of my friends got their grilled cheese. I enjoyed the Farmer’s Market Salad with the yogurt dressing, which they recommended in their menu.


There were 8 different choices of their frozen cocktails on their menu. You could get a single snow, double snow, or if you could not decide on just one you could pick 3, 5, or try all of the flavors. I had a hard time deciding, but ended up getting the Sunshine Boulevard. This frozen cocktail consists of Kansas City’s local Boulevard Wheat360 Vodka (from Weston, Missouri), freshly squeezed orange juice, and lemonade. It was as the name suggests a perfect summertime drink. My friend decided on the A Kick To The Peaches, which consists of house made lavender simple syrup, Stellina di Notte Prosecco, and Stirrings peach liqueur. Her’s tasted so good. It was sweeter and the taste of the alcohol did not kick you quite as much. The Kick was more the peaches and the subtle lavender flavor notes.

I can definitely see myself and friends going back to this local laid back cocktail bar in the near future. It is a perfect place to just sit, talk, and laugh out loud.

Prices for food were around $10 or less, and the frozen cocktails started at around $6.50 and you could, as mentioned earlier, can get a sample tray with all ten flavors for $10 as it says on their online menu. They use high quality stuff, and you can taste it in the food and drinks.


Since July of 2012, I have definitely been back and brought many friends with me. During this winter season, they have a great selection of hot drinks from Hot Toddy, Pimms Cider, and many others. Their Happy Hour is fantastic from half price food, beers, and wines. Open til 1 a.m. they are definitely the place for me to go after I get off of work at 10:30 p.m..

They have also added a larger food menu. Adding more pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers, and salads. The quality of the food has not gone down. Having awesome food, with a kitchen that stays open late, it’s the perfect place to go and get the hummus plate, or chips and salsa.


Facebook: Snow & Company
Twitter: @snowandcompany

Address: 1815 Wyandotte, Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Hours: Monday: 3:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.; Tuesday – Friday: 3:00 p.m.


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