Port Fonda


Last night, a friend and I went to this restaurant that just opened a couple weeks ago, Port Fonda. It’s in Westport District of Kansas City off 41st and Pennsylvania.I first read about this restaurant from the Ink Magazine (click link for story) and knew from the start that I had to check this place out.

When we went in, I did not even think about even calling in and reserving a table. Our scheduled wait was 45 minutes to an hour. I was fine with the wait because I heard of the beautifully crafted food that was going to be in our stomachs  So my friend and I walked to the World Market up the street and just roamed around. Assuming it had been that one hour mark we walked back to the restaurant, where we continued to wait another 30-45 minutes. Our total wait time was about 2 hours. Even though the wait time was long it was made better by the wait staff who continued to make sure we were well taken care of and were told that our wait time was slowly diminished.


You had menu options of many different tacos for under $10, and also had salads, soups, fajitas, and many other appetizers. Some were I think to be on the higher priced side, but it’s worth it. The tortillas were made in house, and the chips were made with those same tortillas. The order of chips and salsa came with two different salsas. One a tomatillo, that was spicier, and the other was a red salsa that seemed to be slightly on the sweeter side.


Our waiter, Josh, did a great job at making sure we were happy, and satisfied. Kept our water cups filled and did not come at that awkward time… with food in our mouths. We both ordered tacos. I got the Carnitas tacos. They came with two tacos and two wedges of limes. It so delicious. It was little bit of grilled pineapples on top which added the perfect about of sweet and savory in one bite. My friend got the veggie tacos. Sadly I don’t remember what they were called. She was so hungry that I did not even get a chance to eat them, but they looked amazing. They “meat” of the taco were grilled mushrooms.


You can’t end a meal without having drinks, especially at a Mexican restaurant. My friend ordered the California Gimlet which consisted of gin, simple syrup, cucumber, lavender, and lime juice. It was a really refreshing drink on a nice night. I got the White Tequila Gria which consisted of white wine, El Jimador Reposado, melons and citrus fruit, and jasmine. This drink came out with with an orange wedge on the rim, and honeydew and cantalope at the bottom of the drink. A nice snack at the end of the drink. This too was nice. It to me had the perfect amount of sweetness from the freshly cut fruit. Before we finished our drink we received two more drinks from the bar: the Roselle Margarita and the Daxacon Sour. It was unexpected. The margarita was very bright, and I think that is because of the blood orange liqueur and the hibiscus syrup. The Daxacon Sour was a very light refreshing drink, although I was not a big fan of the after-taste. It had a medicine menthol after-taste.

It was a great experience. Something I’m wanting to get in the future is bring a ton a people and get the fajitas and just share and try them all. The interior design is like a bringing the outdoorsy feeling of the raw metals, wood, and plants by bringing them together in a new modern twist. The music is not too loud, but loud enough were you don’t have to worry about being, well, a little loud with your friends.

With meal and a drink, expect to pay around $20. It’s so good. They have options for everyone. From the carnivores to the herbivores. I definitely would recommend calling in advance and making a reservation. This place is going to be packed and for a good reason. It’s just plain good.


Website: http://portfondakc.com/
Facebook: Port Fonda
Twitter: @portfondakc
Instagram: @portfondakc

Address: 4141 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111
Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.; Thursday – Friday: 3:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.; Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.


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