Remedy Food + Drink


Yesterday was the kick off to Restuarant Week in Kansas City. To start off the event we went to Remedy Food + Drink, just off the 75th and Wornall in the Waldo Area.

We enjoyed our dinner at the bar. It is my favorite place to sit. You get the enjoy the nice company of others sitting around you as well as the company of the awesome wait staff and bartenders.

Their drink special of the night was the Tip of the Hat. It consisted of Broker’s Gin, 1814 (or Cassoni), lime juice, a cucumber basil mint syrup, and then topped with soda. This drink was delicious. It was actually what I was needing. I was planning on making a cucumber mint juice at home this morning. This drink lent itself to be really refreshing especially after a hard shift behing the coffee bar.


We started our evening off with the Beet Salad. It had roasted beets, goat cheese, and arugula with a nice balsamic vinegrette. It was a nice light salad, but the flavors in this dish were complex. The arugula added a nice layer of spicy which brought out the subtle flavors of the beets and really mellowed out the goat cheese, which can be a bit over powering at times. Everything worked together so well. Did I mention this was my first time eating beets? They were super delicious. I will probably be experimenting with them in the future.


Our second course was the Beef Short Ribs. This was absolutely delicious. The short rib was tender and it was sitting on a bed of macaroni and cheese with au jus circling the plate. The short ribs were covered by micro greens. It was a nice combinations of textures and flavors. I was caught almost licking the bowl. I really could have eaten a portion that was probably about 3 times bigger than it was. Not because the portion was small but because it was absolutely delicious and I wanted more.

For the dessert course we had the creme brulee. It was a delicious creme brulee. It was topped with a strawberry and a couple blackberries. As soon as the spoon hit the crust you heard a beauitiful crunch that was then reaching down into the custard. The custard was not overly rich and the berries added nicely to the taste of the brulee.

First meal of Restuarant Week has been accomplished and it was mighty tasty. I know we can not wait to hit up more restuarants this week.

Do not forget to check out restaurant week’s website for all the restaurant listings and their menus. Let’s raise a lot of money for Harvester’s this week!



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