Drunken Fish – P&L


Last night we found ourselves indulging ourselves in amazing courses in a beautiful environment at Drunken Fish. I reserved our table with the Open Table App and luckily I did. As we walked in the what felt like below freezing temperatures, we found a bunch of people waiting for a table. We were directed to our table in the area where we were able watch the amazing sushi chefs do their thing for a packed house. I encountered the general manager at the Private Restaurant Week Kick-off Party(check pictures on our Instagram) and the information he gave me was just astounding. He was answering Sadie and I’s questions before we even knew that we had them. I knew that I had to go there at some point during Restaurant Week.


Before we ordered we were given a big plate of edemame to munch on before the courses came. It was delicious. Cooked to perfection and seasoned lightly with a little sea salt. Then our first course came. It was the Lobster Spring Roll. It was a lightly fried spring roll stuffed with lobster, shrimp, cream cheese, jalapeños, asparagus and masago served with a honey wasabi dipping sauce. I honestly had no idea what to expect. To me it was a twist on the classic crab rangoon. Deep fried shell fish goodness. This is was definitely a classy version with a dipping sauce that added another layer of flavor complexity.


Our next course was the Starburst Roll. It was crab and shrimp tempura avocado tamago and masago, wrapped in pink soy paper topped with honey wasabi mayo and sriracha. The plating on their signature rolls were absolutely stunning. My friend also got the Philly Rolls and the Drunken Fish Rolls. They were all absolutely delicious. The little dot of sriracha was a nice touch. If you did not put the dot on your tongue it was a nice touch, otherwise you got the burn more throughout the bite of the roll.



Our last course, dessert. Yum. It was called Strawberry Cheesecake Makimono. It was New York Style Cheesecake and strawberry rolled in pink soy paper and tempura fried topped with chocolate sauce, mixed nuts, powder sugar, and whipped cream. I asked for the dish without nuts, because I am allergic to nuts, when they brought it sadly they made a little mistake and forgot to remove the nuts. Normally I do not mention negative things, but this event was not a negative part of the dinner. It made it much more memorable. They were quickly to remove the dish and when they brought us the new dish it was not just the 4 pieces it normally comes with but it came with 8 and I am definitely glad. This dish was absolutely delicious. I almost ordered another of them cause it was just that tasty.

The entire service they were so intentional with every move by their wait staff. Our waters never got below half full. They were asking us if we were okay or needed anything was at appropriate times. The times spread between each course was fantastic. There was plenty of time to digest the last food we ate and really savor it as well. Their management staff was also fantastic, checking up on us as well. Needless to say we will be going back to do a full KCMorsel post.



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