Restaurant Week

IMG_0055There is a week in that happens every year that is anticipated by food lovers all across Kansas City every year. It’s Kansas City Restaurant Week. It is a week where over a hundred restaurants in town create tasty pre fixed two to four course meals for $15 for lunch and $33 for dinner. We went for the first time last year and it was so tasty. We could not wait until this year’s restaurant knowing it was going to be bigger and better this year.

In 2014 there are currently 132 restaurants participating in restaurant week and probably counting. One thing I did not realize and wish did was that it is also a fundraiser. Even though we get to consume such great food for a great price, little did I know that part of the proceeds go to three different organizations: Harvesters Community Food Network, Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association Education Foundation, and Kansas City Regional Destination Development Foundation.


Harvesters Community Food Network has a mission to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. This area food bank has been helping the hungry since 1979 by collecting food and household items from the community and industry sources, distributing the food and providing nutrition services through a network of nonprofit agencies, as well as offering leadership and education programs to increase community awareness about hunger and try to figure out ways to alleviate hunger.

The Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association Education Foundation uses funds to educate members in new or continuing practices providing various types of training specific to hospitality industry, developing new educational programs, and offering scholarships to deserving members of the community.

Kansas City Regional Destination Development Foundation(KCRDDF) focuses on the identification, development and advocacy of tourism products in Kansas City regional communities. KCRDDF oversees the Heartland Tourism Ambassador Training and Certification Program and provides career development opportunities in tourism, with specific interest in at-risk populations, including youth, minorities, and seniors. In addition, the KCRDDF serves as an incubator for events designed to enhance Kansas City’s image as a convention and tourism destination.


In 2013, Restaurant Week raised over $175,000 and this year in 2014, they are estimating that we raise over $500,000. How do they do this? Each restaurant that participates will donate 10% of their proceeds to the event. This event has grown so much since last year, plus all of the added press. It has been getting a ton of local attention as well as national attention. Proving time and time again how successful this event is.


The organizers of restaurant week have made it easy for you. You can look at the list of restaurants on their app. You can search their restaurant by location or by style of food. Did I mention this app is free? It’s available on Android and ios. It’s fantastic. I have friends that love sushi and I have friends that are vegetarians and this app makes it really easy to find places to eat at.

If you get the app above there is one more app you are going to need to get. It’s called Open Table. It’s another free app and I got it during last year’s restaurant week as well. It’s a really easy way to reserve a table without calling. Plus you get points for the tables you make reservations for. These points build up and then you will be able to redeem them for gift cards you can use at restaurants that use Open Table. Open Table is also donating proceeds to Restaurant Week for every reservation made on their website or app. This app is also available via Android and ios.

Below we are going to update a list of places that we have visited and you can check out what we had.


Remedy Food + Drink
Drunken Fish – P&L


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