Spring, Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate is in the Air!

IMG_0993It’s that time of year again…. well not quite. If you have been in Kansas City recently or live here you have noticed a big influx of coffee shops that have opened or are opening up in the past 6 months and there are still more to come. Jason Burton of the LAB definitely noticed. Calling Kansas City his home, and home to the Caffeine Crawl. Last year the Crawl was 3 days because of the many additions to our coffee community as well as awesome tea shops. He knew there was not going to realistic to make it a 4 day crawl, or if he kept it at 3 days there were going to be shops that would be left out. Each and every shop adds to the diversity and culture in our beautiful coffee community, and even beverage community. To fix this dilemma he decided to make a Spring crawl and a Fall crawl. This also gives more people opportunity to visit and experience our coffee scene.

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“Slow Bar” Craze Hits Kansas City


Kansas City has been hit with the coffee bug. We are lucky to have so many great shops in our city that have been here for years and more recently we have had a surge of new shops coming in and calling Kansas City their home. Some local coffee shops are expanding into different parts of town. With all of these new shops some are putting this phrase “slow bar” in the name of their shop.

I was wondering if people in Kansas City or even around the country know what a “slow bar” is. I have gone to some of Kansas City’s own “slow bars” and asked questions. —Continue Reading.

Waldo Caffeination


Today we had an adventure in the Waldo area in Kansas City. The day started at the brand new coffee shop in South Waldo off 85th and Wornall. Second Best Coffee opened last Friday, January 31, and has been busy ever since. Click here to read about the awesome coffees we had from PT’s Coffee and Dogwood Coffee, plus a breakfast burrito that had a local lamb sausage in it.


Then our day ended at One More Cup off 75th and Wornall. This coffee shop is celebrating their 5 year birthday this month. So click here to learn about what One More Cup is about and find out about their birthday week specials. Stacy, Jeremy, and their team work so hard to make this little shop so inviting. You often find people conversing about everything, as well as regulars talking with each other making new friends.

There is another coffee shop that we did not visit today, but we have been there before, Coffee Girls. In the same area as One More Cup. Check out the post we did about them.

Kansas City’s Odd Coffee Tasting Shop


This is a much overdue overview of Oddly Correct. I try to come as often as I can but with hours of 7a til 3p Monday through Saturday, if I do not plan it it can be difficult to make it in. This coffee shop is unlike most of the coffee shops here in Kansas City. Located just off of Westport Road and Main Street, they are trying to bring life to that part of Main Street by providing amazing coffee. This is where their shop is located now, which is about a year old, but before this store front they brewed chemexes and v60’s out of their roasting facility. Which is no bigger than the size of a oversized SUV. So if you did not mind being close with person next to you then it was not the place for you. But now they have their new beautiful space with long community tables that almost instantly creates conversations with the people around you. You might think that you are not hipster enough for the shop, do not think this way. All are welcome. —Continue Reading.

Perks at Park Place


“Arte Della Tazza” means Art from the Cup, and that is exactly what you will find at Parisi Artisan Coffee’s Leawood Location.

Floor to ceiling windows on the North front wall of the shop let morning stream in, filling the classy café interior with just the right amount of warmth. Trendy colors highlight the  white walls, counters and tables for a sleek and upscale ambiance. Stylish prints of people enjoying life and coffee in black and white line one wall, while inverted lights reminiscent of champagne flutes hang from the ceiling, illuminating  the bar. As you make your way to the counter to place your order, the wide open space around the register draws your eye up to the crisp logo on the back wall and over to the simple, but well-rounded menu that now includes several cocktail options. —Continue Reading. 

No Barista Left Behind


There’s an event in coffee industry that has been happening every few months or so since 2011. This event’s motto is “No barista left behind.” It’s a free event for baristas to go and learn even more about coffee from industry leaders both in and around their community. It’s a great opportunities for baristas to learn more about coffee because as much as most of us would love to go to Barista Camp or Coffee School, which they do exist. Although on a barista income, most of us can not afford it. That is why Barista Nation was formed. Ever since I read about this event in the Barista Magazine and all over social media, I couldn’t wait for it to come to the midwest. —Continnue Reading.