Parisi Cafe – Union Station


Parisi Cafe is a gem hidden inside one of Kansas City’s beautiful landmarks, Union Station. They have been here making beautifully crafted coffee in this cafe for about six years now, and definitely making their mark in Kansas City’s coffee scene. When you go into this cafe, you will see that it is a modern and clean cafe. If you are a barista or just a coffee fanatic you will see the beautiful three group Synesso espresso machine. On the back counter is a Trifecta Machine which they use to brew their teas, which can beautifully infuse the teas to their potential flavor. Their motto is Arte Della Taza or “Art From The Cup,” which according to their website is “an experience we strive to create every time you visit.” That definitely happens.


I have been going to Parisi for about a year and a half now, which granted is not a long time compared to how long they have been at this location. Every time I go into this cafe, I have always been greeted with smiles and hellos. I always get a double espresso, because as a barista, you get a free double shot. I usually go for the single origin, and today I was lucky to enjoy some Ecuador espresso. This espresso is also being used as Pete Licata‘s Competition espresso for the United States Barista Competition, which he reigned champion of the South Central Region this year to represent Parisi and Kansas City in Boston for the National Barista Competition in April. The espresso was so smooth and delicious.


I also got a beautiful six ounce latte made my Olivia. The milk was steamed to perfection and added a subtle sweetness to the latte. Watching the baristas at Parisi is like watching a performer on a stage. The way that they pour the latte art into the cup is so seamless and is beautiful to the last pull through. Even watching them do a pour over is an art as well.


The art of coffee has always sparked an interest in me, as well as questions. Some coffee shops that you may go into can have baristas that may be intimidating to talk to, because they can sometimes put on a persona that they are snooty and better than you are. That is the complete opposite at Parisi’s Cafes. All of their baristas are nice, and easy to talk to. If you have a question about coffee or anything really, they are always willing to talk and discuss things with you. Whether it be about the coffee you chose as espresso, or pour over, or even just a theory about coffee technique.

I almost forgot mention. Another reason I love Parisi is that they make all of their sauces, syrups, and marshmallows in house. This not only ensures fresh products, but also that it is going to taste the best it can. I have recently fallen in love with their caramel rosemary lattes. Yes, caramel, rosemary, and coffee. They also recently opened a second location in Leawood off of 117th and Nall. I will blogging about this location as well, because it may be the same coffee and cafe, but they also include wine and cocktails at their location. So keep a lookout for that.


Facebook: Parisi Artisan Coffee
Twitter: @parisicoffee

Location:30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO
Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00a – 6:00p; Saturday – Sunday: 8:00a – 6:00p


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