Parisi Cafe – Leawood


“Arte Della Tazza” means Art from the Cup, and that is exactly what you will find at Parisi Artisan Coffee’s Leawood Location.

Floor to ceiling windows on the North front wall of the shop let morning stream in, filling the classy café interior with just the right amount of warmth. Trendy colors highlight the  white walls, counters and tables for a sleek and upscale ambiance. Stylish prints of people enjoying life and coffee in black and white line one wall, while inverted lights reminiscent of champagne flutes hang from the ceiling, illuminating  the bar. As you make your way to the counter to place your order, the wide open space around the register draws your eye up to the crisp logo on the back wall and over to the simple, but well-rounded menu that now includes several cocktail options.


Starting with espresso is always a good choice. Parisi serves a traditional shot, pulled ristretto style, and served with a small spoon to break the crust or “crema,” and a glass of sparkling water to cleanse the palate in between sips. On our trip, Jeremiah, one of Parisi’s Baristas, pulled us two different shots, both excellent. The House Blend Espresso had a pleasant acidity, bringing to mind lemons and clementines, while the Colombia Prima Vera combined the tartness of nectarines with a faint nuttiness and a lovely champagne acidity.


As our next “course,” Jonathan carefully handcrafted us a macchiato.


In Italian, “macchiato” means “mark”. A traditional Italian macchiato is simply the addition of a small amount of milk to espresso – the milk “marks” the shot. Parisi’s version used their house espresso, and it’s citrus tartness was mellowed by the milk, bringing to the front a sweet-tart strawberry flavor that was delicious and approachable.


Jonathan’s next creation was a traditional cappuccino.


In addition to the stellar latte art, this perfectly balanced combination of espresso and milk was a treat for the tastebuds. The higher ratio of milk in the 6oz beverage mellowed the House Espresso’s citrus tones even further, creating a creamy caramel experience that was nothing short of relaxing.


Amanda created our next libation using a v60 pourover suspended on a white stand over a bright yellow scale.


This cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe proved very refreshing, with a medium light body, lemon zest notes and the sweetness of over-ripe peaches balanced with hints of fig.

photo (1)

Further exploration around the cafe will reward you with a selection of fine loose-leaf teas – tins of teas available for brew-at-home purchase provide a backdrop for samples in small white dishes, left out for your visual and aromatic pleasures. The selection of tea to be enjoyed in-house is slightly larger – we tried an Apricot black tea, which possessed rich  fruit cobbler aromatics and did not disappoint when drank.

On the other side of the winding counter you will find the inviting pastry case filled with delicacies such as fig and goat cheese croissants, lemon bergamot scones, and “Luxemburgerli” – a traditional Swiss treat provided by Andre’s Chocolatier of Kansas City. The baristas, eager to make our experience supurb, we’re very helpful in explaining the difference between Luxemburgerli and the more commonly known French Macaroons. Similar in appearance, the main difference is the more authentic flavor and denser pastry of the Luxemburgerli, as well as a heavier ganache.  Less sweet options include wraps, salads, and prepared chicken breasts for gourmet grab-and-go lunch convenience.


As a final treat, we indulged in some cookie samples, and had the privilege of chatting with the baker, Taylor. He informed us that the delicious cookies are made with 100% Kansas grown organic handmilled flour, and are all natural! We sampled a Gingersnap that tasted like Christmas, a perfectly spiced Oatmeal Raisin, a well balanced Peanut Butter, and a scrumptious Triple Chocolate that included white and semisweet chocolate chunks, cocoa butter, walnuts and pecans.


Needless to say, after our generous spread of Parisi’s Artisanal offerings, we were well caffeinated and quite content.


Even though the drinks were delicious, the Parisi Barista’s knowledge, friendliness and skill made the experience truly enjoyable. Here’s to many more great cups from this awesome cafe!

Stay Caffeinated!

Parisi Artisan Coffee at Park Place

5245 WEST 116th Place, Leawood, KS 66211

(913) 696-9999

Mon-Thurs – 7am to 9pm

Fri-Sat – 7am to 10pm

Sun – 8am to 7pm


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