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This is a much overdue overview of Oddly Correct. I try to come as often as I can but with hours of 7a til 3p Monday through Saturday, if I do not plan it it can be difficult to make it in. This coffee shop is unlike most of the coffee shops here in Kansas City. Located just off of Westport Road and Main Street, they are trying to bring life to that part of Main Street by providing amazing coffee. This is where their shop is located now, which is about a year old, but before this store front they brewed chemexes and v60’s out of their roasting facility. Which is no bigger than the size of a oversized SUV. So if you did not mind being close with person next to you then it was not the place for you. But now they have their new beautiful space with long community tables that almost instantly creates conversations with the people around you. You might think that you are not hipster enough for the shop, do not think this way. All are welcome.


If you wanted to know where the best place in town to get a cup of coffee was you just as the baristas behind the coffee bar. I can tell you can you will find a lot of your baristas or even former baristas here. Why? It is the experience that we get. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a friendly smile from behind the low open bar. They hand you a clip board with their menu items on it. If you ever have questions feel free to ask, they are going to give you the best answer they can. Although if you like your sugar and cream in your coffee. You will NOT find them here. Why? Gregory Kolsto is caught saying that this is not a coffee shop, but it is a coffee tasting room. It is the same concept as going into a wine, whiskey, or beer bar. You order these drinks and enjoy them for what they were made to be. Coffee is a beautiful beverage. It is complex, yet simple. If you do need cream or milk, they do offer a macchiato, cappuccino, gibralter, or latte. You can get it with their seasonal espresso blend or their single origin espresso. You will also find baristas standing at the bar discussing techniques and pour methods. It can get a little nerdy. Do not worry that is just how your baristas are on a regular basis.



Today I had the Kabare Cooperative from Kenya as both a shot of espresso and as a pour over. Done in the Kalita Wave. Tyler Rovenstine, recent winner of the South Central Regional Barista Competition, pulled me the shot. Kenyan coffee are by far my favorites. In the espresso I got tastes of cocoa nibs, a cara cara orange(if you are not familiar, I reccomend trying it. It is a hybrid between a navel orange and a grapefruit), smokey undertones, tart, and had a nice medium body. It was a delicious shot even to the last sip.



The pour over was made by Michael Schroeder who competed in the Big Central Brewer’s Cup Competition Last January that took place here in Kansas City at the Guild. There was such such concentration as he was preparing the pour over. When it was done I could not wait to jump in and the deliciousness of the Kenya in brewed coffee. If you have not done a side by side comparison with different brew methods with the same coffee I highly recommend it. Each brewing method brings out different taste profiles of the coffee. In the pour over I got a really syrupy body, really sweet, almost a chocolate covered orange. As this coffee cooled it got really savory. Almost an oregano finish at one point. Then this coffee tasted like barley water. It is something I have grown up drinking. It is something that you can order at Korean restaurants, and I love it. A ton of my friends are not the biggest fan of it. Needless to say this coffee brought back a ton of memories when it got to this stage and I loved it.

From left to right, a macchiato, Kenya Pour over, and Kenya Espresso Shot.

From left to right, a macchiato, Kenya Pour over, and Kenya Espresso Shot.

Conclusion. If you love coffee or want to try to appreciate it more, this is the place for you. You will probably not find that snooty barista here. Although they are always ready to inform you about why they do things the way they do. I have heard people bringing their own sugars or cream which they are fine with. They just will not provide it for you. It is a great atmosphere. I absolutely love it there. You might expect to see me there if you ever attend. Go on, check them out.


Website: oddlycorrect.com
Facebook: Oddly Correct<
Instagram: @oddly

Address: 3940 Main Street, Kansas City, MO
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 7:00am – 3:00pm


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