Homer’s Coffee House


Homer’s Coffee House in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas, is a coffee shop that has been around for 10 years going on 11 this 2012. There are a few things that set Homer’s apart from any other coffee shop in Kansas City. One is the seating, if you have been here, you would understand. You are bound to come in and find a seat, unless it’s a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday morning. Another thing is we are the only stationary coffee shop that proudly serves E.F. Hobbs coffee. He’s a local roaster in Shawnee, Kansas. It is really cool to see all the baristas talking to Stubbie(Brian) about coffee, the music scene, well, just about anything. I’m definitely happy to serve Stubbie’s coffee.


One of the main thing that sets us apart is our stage and sound equipment. We have live music every Friday and Saturday night, and every once in a while a Tuesday night. It’s a great way for local bands to come out and bring their friends to a shop and not have to worry about space for all their friends. We also have a lot of regulars that come out to listen to the music. There is never a cover charge, but during intermission we pass the hat to help support the bands that come through our doors. We have such a variety of music that come into Homer’s. From indie rock, country, Christian, acoustic instrumental guitar, and we even have a big band comes in. That’s right, once every other month a 18 piece big band will come in and play jazz. It’s always packed.

Music generally starts at 7:30p and ends around 9:30p. The shop closes at 10p.

So come on in and support local coffee and music.


**Top Picture: Ronni Ward performs at Homer’s once every other month, and she has some country soul doing covers, but mainly originals.

**Bottom Picture: Jack Korbel performs every blue moon, but I wish he would play more. His style is so awesome, it is Celtic style.

Website: http://homerscoffeehouse.com
Twitter: @homerscoffee
Facebook: Homer’s Coffeehouse
Blog: http://homerscoffeehouseopks.blogspot.com/

Address: 7126 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS
Hours: Monday – Saturday 6:30a – 10:00p;  Sunday 9:00a – 2:00p


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