Coffee Girl’s Cafe


This morning I hit up a coffee shop I haven’t been to yet. I have heard a lot of great things about it. People were telling me that I would really enjoy it. This coffee shop is Coffee Girl’s Cafe in Waldo, off of 75th and Wornall.


As I walked into the shop, it had this nice warm feeling. That kind of feeling you had as you were walking into your mom’s kitchen. There were pastries on the counters placed on glass pedestals  Their tip jar even made me smile. It was a “Wishing Well.” I ordered the latte in a mug. They use Broadway’s coffee in their drinks. They use these super cute teal mugs, not like your typical coffee house mug. I was tempted to also get some freshly squeezed juices or smoothies made with either a yogurt base or just ice. You could add natural protein or other natural enhancers to their smoothies such as Soy Protein, Hemp Protein, Bee Pollen, Ginseng, or others.

I would definitely check out this place if you are in the Waldo area.


Twitter: @coffeegirlscafe
Facebook: Coffee Girl’s Cafe

Address: 7440 Washington, Kansas City, MO 64114
Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30a – 7:00p; Saturday – Sunday 7:30a – 7:00p


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