Coffee Cake KC


First Friday of every month is the time when the art galleries in the Crossroads district of Kansas City, Missouri, open then up. Not only is there art galleries, but a plethora of street performers, activists, and last but not least, FOOD TRUCKS.


Look for the big orange truck and you’ll find something unique. It’s not a truck selling burgers, barbecue, tacos, Cajun food, or ice-cream. It’s even better than that. Brian, from E.F. Hobbs, has put together this travelling cafe. You can get some brewed coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies, blended drinks, and his wife, from 3 Women and an Oven, makes the cupcakes and muffins. The chocolate peanut butter cupcake is to die for. It’s so rich and moist.

At First Fridays look for CoffeeCakeKC usually located in front of Hammerpress on Southwest Boulevard and enjoy the art in a cup while enjoying the arts in the galleries and on the street.


Twitter: @coffeecakekc
Facebook: CoffeeCakeKC

Check website for schedule of when and where they will be.


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