Do You Want Your Usual?


An essential part of a coffee shop is not only the coffee beans, the machines, the building, or cups one drinks out of them, even though they are all important. Our regulars are what make our shops tick. They are the people that we look forward to seeing on a regular basis. They are the people that come to us, baristas, and tell us their troubles. We build a bond that came together through a common love of coffee, tea, or both.

I was recently talking to one of our regulars at Homer’s Coffeehouse, and I had known her drink in the past but never really made a point to ask if she wanted her usual, until this last time. She had a response that I did not really think about til now. She was telling me that she and her friend have been coming for a while and was wondering how long it would take to be a regular. For us, baristas, to remember her drink. It’s something so simple, but such a big deal. A sense of belonging and being known at a shop or just anywhere seems to be something we are all longing for. It’s a connection that’s made on our half to purposefully remember their drink, and ask them how that trip went or their weekend was. It’s so simple, but yet so important.

We are a family. The coffee industry is just one big happy family, full of weird caffeinated members. The more I am involved in the industry, the more I notice it’s about the people just as much as it’s about the coffee we serve.

(In the picture above is one of regulars at Homer’s, Cathy(who gladly let me take her picture). She gets the bottomless mug with the single origin and the decaf, or the large carmello with whip in a mug. Love our regulars.)



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