Coffee Fanatic Thoughts


As baristas, we do not just make coffee. I loved the way David Schomer put it in the article, “Dialing in Your Customer Service,” in BARISTA Magazine, April/May 2012,

“The urban barista is so many things at one – a host, a culinary artist, a performer on an exotic stage, a counselor, listener, friend, and purveyor of caffeine.”

It’s so true. Our jobs as baristas do not just entail pushing a button and coffee comes out. There is a procedure. If you do not do this procedure correctly or exact you CAN alter the way the coffee tastes. I learn so much. The coffee industry is ever changing and because that all of us in the industry are always learning and improving our skills, whether it’s roasting, pulling shots, brewing pour overs and anything else we do.

On this page we will be posting about the many things that may come through our heads, or revelations we may have while working. Learn what goes through the head of a coffee fanatic.



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