Latte Art Competition for Arts Kansas City


On the last Friday of July, Parisi Coffee partnered with Arts Kansas City bringing together a show of art in the workplace through this night of coffee.

It was a latte art competition. We had competitors from all over Kansas City as well as barista’s from PTs Coffeehouse in Topeka, Kansas.


The competition went like this. You put your name in a bucket, as your name was pulled you were placed on a bracket. Competitors competed at the same time. You did not just go all willy-nilly here. There is strategy. It was called “The Dice of Doom,” actually not sure what it’s really called, but basically you rolled the dice whatever was facing up, that is what you had to do. Like a rosetta, tulip, heart, large skim latte in a paper cup, or freestyle. You could either pour your art behind the machine or at the judges table.


Needless to say this is only my second real latte art competition outside of the ones we have a work for fun. This time we got to play on a Nuova Simonelli. Which to me is kind of a dream come true. Why you ask, because it’s not what we have at work, which we have a Brasilia Portofino, and that it’s the machine they have used at the Latte Art Competitions. As usual I was nervous. I guess it comes with any competition territory. Me and my partner rolled tulips. I got so excited because that’s what I have been working on. I was just so bummed that I did not get the right amount of foam on my milk, so I got a rosetta, maybe it was a heart, but it was super tiny and bleh.


My competitor won, and I congratulate him on his victory.

I may have done terrible that time, but practice makes perfect and I can still learn from my mistakes and I can’t wait to get my feet wet in another competition.



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