Jam Jam 2012

Rob(new intern at the LAB), Jason(from the LAB), and Sean(from Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters) making totally awesome pour overs from the coffees from 10 roasters from Jam Jam at About the Coffee and The Lab! It was so awesome and absolutely delicious!

Jam Jam was an event that took place on Saturday, May 19th, at About the Coffee. The event had a great music line-up. All who performed are those in the coffee industry. Jam Jam also had a children’s area, as well as local barbecue. You can not have an event in Kansas City without having barbecue.

The coffee that my friends, Trista, Rebekah, and I, consumed were absolutely great. We jokingly compared our cups of coffee to a friendship pipe. Each of us smelling, sipping, and discussing what we taste. As one said something along the lines of, “Oh it’s started to get a little fruity;” the others would grab the cup to smell and taste the coffee changing. It happened the entire night. Til I had tried 11 different kind of coffee from almost all the roasters but one. Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters. I felt bad, I love Sean’s work. I’ll have to make it up going to the Lab and trying some of the awesomeness in a cup.



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