Cowtown Throwdown – November 2012


This last Saturday, November 10, Kansas City’s barista and coffee enthusiasts met at Parisi Coffee for the first ever Cowtown Throwdown. A friendly latte art competition that is going to start happening once a month now. It’s a way for baristas to keep connected with each other, see new faces, network, and learn from each other.


At this competition we had a group of 17 baristas compete. With a $5 buy in, the first place winner would receive 70% of the pot and the second place winner received 30% of the pot. It was a great turnout. We were very lucky and fortunate to play on Parisi’s Synesso. It’s such a beautiful machine. The judges were such great sports. We had Kent(of the LAB and About the Coffee), Hannah, and Justin(of Kaldi’s Latteland).


There were a lot of first time competitors and experienced competitors and everything in between. There was laughter and a fun had this night. With the night dwindling down, the final two competitors were Simeon and Dean from the Roasterie. Their final pours are in the center picture above. Dean on the right and Simeon on the left. Simeon took first place.


Thanks to everyone that participated. Thanks to the judges. A special thanks to everyone that put it together.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing Kansas City’s coffee scene continue to grow. Especially with great love and enthusiasm for this industry.

Next month’s Cowtown Throwdown is on December 15th, 7:30p, at About the Coffee and the LAB.



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