Cowtown Throwdown – Benefiting JJ’s


Last Wednesday, February 20, a gas explosion took place on the Plaza at JJ’s Restaurant. After that explosion took place there were 15 people injured from the incident and 1 body was found, Megan Cramer. Just like in my previous post on the incident, immediately after the event Kansas City’s businesses showed support for JJ’s and everyone involved. It was that same love and support that created an account to start collecting money for JJ’s, as well as an event that over 110 Kansas City restaurants participated in. Each of the restaurants donated 10% of their sales for that day. Foundry’s, McCoy, and Beer Kitchen‘s servers donated a percentage of their tips for their shift. Our waitress on Sunday at Foundry had a personal encounter with one of the bartenders from JJ’s and told us stories of what happened and she was donating at least 20% but as much as 50%. That’s just Kansas City’s food scene.

20130223_215757 20130223_220211

Kansas City’s coffee scene could not just sit around and do nothing. We had already the next Cowtown Throwdown planned for this last weekend. We decided that this would be a great opportunity to raise funds for JJ’s. Together the Kansas City coffee scene met at Quay Coffee, there was a $5 minimum donation buy in for competing in the latte art competition. During this competition it was a little different; we had the die of death. Both competitors would roll the die and whatever it landed was what you were to do. The options were tulips, hearts, rosetta, skim, or freestyle. My competitor and I rolled hearts, and decided that since it was hearts that we would pour our lattes not into cups, but into the frothing pitchers. It was great. There were new friendships being made, laughter being heard, as well as singing along to the music.

20130223_215223 20130223_220313

Before the final four competitors competed, to raise more money we had a a section of grudge matches. If you donated $5 then call someone out to a competition. We had a sibling competition, rematches, and a lot of just fun matches. I called out a grudge match to one of the owners of Quay. He hates to admit it, but I won that match. (Anytime you want a rematch Cory, I’ll be there.)

The final competitors competed. In fourth place was Nick from Benetti’s. Third place was Allison from I believe, Parisi. Second place was David from Homer’s, and first place was Reagan from Parisi.


At the end of the night we ended up raising $451.75 and that is without the money from those that could not attend the event. It was such a good turnout. Kansas City’s coffee scene still is not done; we are going to be going to KCFD and KCPD across the Kansas City metro area to brew coffee for those who have been working so hard investigating and keeping our city safe.

Kansas City is such a tight community it continues to amaze me.



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