Kansas City Caffeine Crawl 2013 – Day 3


I was on the bus for the Caffeine Crawl the past two days, but on the third day I was lucky enough to be working a cafe that is on the crawl this year. I am working for Latte Land and they are participating on the crawl again this year. Last year they did a presentation about espresso and paired it with a homemade fig newton. This year we had the Caffeine Crawlers brew their own coffee using the Clever Dripper.


Here’s what we did. We had five tables with the same set up. It had a scale, coffee, kettle, cups, clever dripper, and filter on each table. We then took our group on a step by step on how to brew, but letting everyone do it. Like taking the coffee to get ground and get the kettle filled with hot water. We then had someone keep time and do the pouring. During the process, we discussed different aspects of the brew process. Such as grind size. If the grind is too fine, it will cause a over extracted coffee which can taste bitter. If the grind size is too coarse then it will cause an under extracted coffee causing it to be weak and sour. We also discussed the importance of rinsing the filter, the bloom, water temperature, and stirring (or agitation).

It was also great hearing the questions the Crawlers had. It made me think about the coffee I love in a new way. Thinking about it in ways that they could understand. Like the importance of the bloom. I, personally, like to think about the bloom in a way like dry spices. You can not just throw the spices in your food and expect to taste it, you have to wake up the oils by cooking it first. It’s the same way with the bloom. You are degassing the coffee and preparing it for even extraction.


I love making pour overs because there is more control in the brew process creating a beautiful cup of coffee that brings out flavors in coffee you might taste otherwise. It was really exciting to hear how many people in my groups never really enjoyed black coffee until attending the crawl and we able to pull out some of the flavors in the coffee. It makes me so happy to see that. I’d imagine it would be similar to how a parent feels when their kid walking for the first time.

I was really happy and excited to be apart of the crawl and I can not wait until I get to participate in it again, hopefully soon.



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