Kansas City Caffeine Crawl – Spring 2014 – Day 2

Caffeine Crawl made it’s way back to Kansas City. This time for two days. In case you missed it, here’s our post about our first day on the crawl.


Day two of the Caffeine Crawl began at Black Dog Coffee House in Lenexa, Kansas. There Recommended Daily and the LAB partnered together to do a brunch. With a barbecue food truck, coffee from Alchemy and Messenger coffee and then there was a guest barista bar. There’s nothing wrong with barbecue for breakfast because it’s Kansas City and if you throw an egg on there then it’s breakfast right. If you didn’t like that idea then you also had the option of Black Dog’s beautiful toast bar with bread made by Ibis Bakery. There were baristas from the Kansas City Coffee Community that signed up to make beautiful drinks for donations. All donations made were given to Coffee Kids. Even some our future baristas went behind the bar and learned a little bit of the craft.  The one bad thing about the brunch was that so much delicious coffee was enjoyed and the crawl had not even begun. Friends were reunited and conversed over latte art and just life.


Our route started at the Roasterie’s Roasting Plant located just off the Boulevard with the DC-3 on top of their facility. There Jon talked about why their Sumatra Red Cherry Reserve was so different from other Sumatras that might come through the factory. We learned that Indonesia is actually the country and Sumatra is an island in the country. Mind blown. We learned that coffee is actually a seed in a cherry that is plucked when the cherry is red to increase the sweetness. We also learned about how a coffee is processed and dried, before it even gets to the roasting facility. It was so great. We learned so much.



Our next stop took us to the iconic Crossroads Arts District where a new coffee shop is planning to open within the next month or so. Thou Mayest Coffee is featured at a few restaurants around town and is ready to have this beautiful cafe open soon to the public, located right next to Grinders. If you were wondering where you could find some Edison light bulbs you will definitely be able to find them here hanging from their ceiling along with so much beautiful wood. With Bo Nelson’s family background being horticulture it is only fitting and very much appropriate to find so much beautiful plants and coffee trees in every corner of the cafe. Talking a lot about coffee, concerts(because their back porch is view of next door’s concert venue), cocktails(they plan of having a cocktail bar later in the evening), and the big C, Community. Coffee is often the center of community and the guys at Thou Mayest recognize that. We cannot wait for them to open and take advantage of getting a beautiful cup of coffee and cocktail late in the evening.


IMG_1080Our next stop was at a new addition to the Kansas City Coffee Community, Second Best Coffee. Home to the first Slayer espresso machine, which is absolutely stunning and we could probably stare at it for days, if you too were a crazy coffee fanatic who loves the latest machines. Here Second Best’s crew took on a caffeinated adventure of Kuma’s Coffee Panama Elida Estate which scored a whopping 95 points. We were very lucky enough to enjoy this as a espresso, clever dripper, and a kyoto brew. It was paired nicely with a house made jalepeno cheddar scone. As one of the crawlers mentioned, “More like first best.” How true they are. Of course, Second Best will always strive to make the coffee better and will always have “Midwestern Modesty.”




Our next stop was at T Loft just off of Stateline. It was our first time in, and it was such a beautiful store. We were welcomed with samples of a Black tea, green tea, and white tea. We were also able to enjoy the black tea in a juice. It was all really delicious. Some of us even snagged some of the delicious food. I got the Greek Salad and it was so delicious and refreshing from a day full of caffeine.





Our second to last stop was at One More Cup, a Waldo neighborhood favorite. We learned about how much pride One More Cup takes into making sure they can get as much local, organic, and fair trade products they can get. One of things we love about Stacy is her passion. She loves coffee, but she also loves community. You can tell, even during her talk as customers or baristas left, she would stop to thank them and wish them a happy day. She makes coffee so accessible to everybody. Today she talked about how easy it is to make toddy at home in just your french press. While she was talking we were enjoying these delicious house made strawberry lemon biscuits, and CaliCola. It’s a Mexican coke with Toddy. Both absolutely delicious.  I actually have a some toddy going right now with this recipe of Kaldi’s Organic Uganda Sipi Falls and I cannot wait to try it.


Our last stop was at Mud Pie. It’s absolutely delicious. When we take friends, we never tell them it’s vegan. It absolutely is though. Including all of their pastries and they are absolutely delicious. Today they served us a beverage that had chicory and coffee with different milk options such as soy, almond, hemp, and a house made cashew milk. They even demonstrated for us how easy it is to make cashew milk. While it was done and over, they let me behind the bar and steam a little bit of the cashew milk, because Brian told me that it was much like steaming half and half. It was fun, I steamed it a bit on the hot side, but the texture of it was surprisingly really delicious. When you go in you have to try the cashew milk.

It’s the end of the crawl, and we only began to put a dent into our caffeinated city. Til the fall Kansas City, we will be caffeinated together once more.







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