Kansas City Caffeine Crawl 2012 – Day 1


In Kansas City, we got hit by the coffee fever. Caffeine Crawl, created by Jason Burton at the Lab(formally Lab5702), had it’s first ever two day event in Kansas City. This event took place on September 15 and 16, one day(the 17th) from the anniversary from the start of this awesome event, that started in Kansas City.

In case you don’t know what a Caffeine Crawl is, it’s the same idea as a beer or pub crawl. A big group of people get together and jump on buses and we go to some of the few hot coffee shops in the city. There we have a guide that informs us about where we are going and gives us facts about our beloved drinks. This is the first ever two day event. So because it was a two day event, this is going to be a two-part blog. Let’s get started.


We started at the this Saturday morning at Parisi’s factory. There, we started by picking up our goody bags and picked our buses, but before that Kate, manager and barista at the Parisi Cafe in Union Station, talked to us about the differences between a Brazil Natural Process, and a Brazil Pulp Natural. As well as between two different origins. Before we head off a lot of us bumped into some old friends we had not seen in a while.


I jumped on bus number 1 with Kent as our guide. As soon as we all were on the bus, we headed to our next stop at Crossroads Coffeehouse in the heart of Kansas City’s Crossroads. There Chris taught us how to brew at home with a Chemex and a french press. We had Intelligentsia’s Ethiopia Limu. Quickly we learned that there was a taste difference between the two. It looked like our group favored the cleaner cup of the Chemex.


We were off to our next stop to Benetti’s in Raytown. There Ben and Nick gave us the run down of the unplugged experience of coffee. There we went to the basics, the coffee bean and water. We learned that “it’s all about extraction and suspension.” Ben and Nick actually spent the night at their shop in tents with a fire over night. They brew coffee in just a pot with boiling water and coffee. We learned also that there is a longer extraction when the grounds are coarser and when the finer ground it’s a shorter extraction rate. If you over agitate the grounds in the water, then the beans will be over extracted, which will cause the brew to become bitter.


Our next stop was One More Cup. It’s located off of 75th and Wornall. There Stacy and Jeremy talked to us about locality. How supporting the local coffee shop does not just support that shop, it supports all the local business that shop supports as well as the employees that go to the local shops and restaurants. It’s all a ripple  effect. Local supporting local. It was a great talk.


Then we were off to the culinary experience at Broadway Cafe. We were at their roasting plant. There we had a ton of concoctions that made our taste buds go WOAH. There we had toddy that were infused with three options such as Meyer Lemons, Dried Cherries, and Dried Plum and Golden Raisins. Broadway and McCoy’s collaborated to create this Malabar Brown, combined coffee and beer. It was awesome. We also had from Poppy’s an Oatmeal Toddy Stout Ice-Cream, and that was amazing as well. A lot of people in our group had taken the ice-cream and made an affogato with the espresso shots they were pulling on a beautiful La Marzocco machine. Farmhouse from the River Market on 4th and Delaware, came together and made a coffee infused french toast. Every aspect of this french toast had coffee in it. Yum. That’s not all we had a taste of what Broadway’s special Anniversary blend would taste like. I know, our taste buds were going slightly insane after this stop and it was not even our last stop.


We jumped on the bus, and a lot of us getting hyped from the caffeine and were on our way to the Oddly boys of Oddly Correct. Off 39th and Main. Their talk was called “Passing Gas.” There Gregory talked to us about the importance of storing coffee and we got to taste the differences between old coffee, fresh coffee, and just right coffee.


Our last stop on Saturday was at Annedore’s just on the Kansas City of State line road that is just next door to the cute little shop, Hi-Hat. At Annedore’s we got chocolate covered popcorn. Ironically we were getting tired and ready for a nap after 5 hours of crawling.

Read on for Sunday’s crawl.



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