Caffeine Crawl


The LAB is a Kansas City based company ran by Jason Burton and his team. One thing that the LAB team does is create an event that is called the Caffeine Crawl. This is event that brings coffee professionals, coffee fanatics, and just people that drink coffee together for an event in cities that would be similar to a pub crawl or wine walk. The only difference is that you get buzzed from the caffeine rather than from the alcohol. One other thing that brings these crawls on another level is that there is a level of education about coffee or tea. Essentially what happens is that you meet up at a cafe and then split up into preassigned groups. You will be guided from stop to stop by a lead. They inform the groups on the stop but they are also the people that make sure that we are going to stops at a timely manner. Each stop is up to the cafes, tea shops, or chocolate shops. They may teach about pour over methods, the way coffee is processed, what tea really is, or even how to process chocolate into the tasty treats that we love.

Every year this event grows. This year the LAB team is planning on more than 6 cities to host the Caffeine Crawl. Not only are they planning an event in Kansas City twice, but they just got back from a crawl in San Diego. Planning on trips in Portland, St. Louis, Houston, and many other cities. So if roadtripping was on your list for the new year, then this is a fun way to do this.  I have met so many awesome people on these crawls. Keep up with the LAB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find out where the Caffeine Crawl will be next on Facebook, and Twitter.


Caffeine Crawl 2012 – Kansas City – Day 1Day 2
Caffeine Crawl 2013 – Oklahoma City
Caffeine Crawl 2013 – Kansas City – Day 1Day 2Day 3


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