After the Kansas City Caffeine Crawl there was an event that took place at the Lab and About the Coffee’s location off 31st and Terrace. At this event there was a food truck with awesome food, face painting, a brew bar, a raffle, and the big event of the evening was the big Baristalympics. It was a event for baristas and home enthusiasts alike.


There were 4 categories each team had to complete. Espresso, Latte Art(including taste), Pour Overs, and a signature drink(more or less). The coffees in the event were provided by Parisi of Kansas City and Benetti’s of Raytown. Winning team would have their picture featured in an issue of BARISTA MAGAZINE.


My team came up with the name, Three Shots and a Brew. On my team was Paul, a home enthusiast, and Simeon, from the Roasterie. Simeon made a beautiful latte and the espresso shots. Paul then made our pour over brew. He made an iced clever, but instead of just brewing the clever of ice, he took the coffee and placed it into a cocktail shaker and shook the ice coffee til there was this beautiful foam on top. Then I created our signature drink. We basically took the iced clever and translated that to summer and then created my signature drink to translate it to the upcoming season fall. I went to Parisi a few days before and tasted their espresso. I tasted what seemed to be apple flavor profiles and I took it from there. I diced up a granny smith apple and placed it into the bottom of the portafilter basket with some cloves and allspice. Packed the espresso on top. Pulled the shot and placed it into a shot glass with a cinnamon-raw sugar rim, and added a spoonful of milk foam to create this fallish macchiato. It was nice, smooth, I felt balanced. There were two judges table, but we only had to present one drink to each table. One was a bunch of home enthusiasts and another was professionals in the coffee industry. It was a lot of fun, especially since I am not normally calm during these competitions. I felt though that I did a pretty good job.

DSC00013 DSC00026

Out of four teams, Three Shots and a Brew came into third place. Even though we came last in the top 3, I know we and all of the other baristas had a great time, and hope that it happens again in the future. Thanks to the wonderful LAB team for putting this together.



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