Sadie Colwell


Sadie Colwell began doing three things at a very young age – drinking coffee, playing piano, and creating elaborate conspiracies that usually involved a lot of scotch tape.

She is now 22, married to the most marvelous man on earth, and a completely committed coffee addict. When she isn’t advancing her unorthodox latte art skills at Quay Coffee, teaching young prodigies to play the piano and like it, or helping coordinate Caffeine Crawls for The LAB, she conducts stimulating explorations of Kansas City with her faithful sidekick (sister) in tow, dives headfirst into new projects with reckless abandon, doesn’t get enough sleep, and reads the Harry Potter Books over and over and over. When she’s feeling especially hungry (or hypoglycemic), she finds a delicious destination and contributes at KC Morsel. If you should ever wonder what she does in her vast amounts of free time, she very kindly enlightens interested parties on the details of her personal life at SongsAboutCoffee.

Sadie has a Twitter, but finds it personally useless and, therefore, updates it very unreliably. Connect with her on Facebook or Instagram instead (she likes those).

Stay caffeinated!


4 thoughts on “Sadie Colwell

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