Laura Clark


Twitter: @azn_barista
Instagram: @azn_barista

I’m Laura Clark, I’m currently a Barista at Latte Land Briarcliff in North Kansas City, we use Kaldi’s Coffee, from St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve been in the coffee industry since 2011, but have wanted to open my own coffee shop for the longest time. I graduated completing the Culinary Arts program at Broadmoor Technical Center which was James Beard accredited while I was there. My love for the process and flavors has branched out to more than just coffee and food, but as well as beer and cocktails now. I’m always up for trying all things new and local. I also dabble a bit in the fine arts, like oil painting, water color, print making, or mixed media.



2 thoughts on “Laura Clark

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  2. Hi Laura – I would like to invite you to an event for foodies at our new restaurant Chicken N Pickle – can you please send me your email address so I can make sure you are invited.

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