Port Fonda Hosts Viva Sangrita 2014


Its Monday afternoon in Kansas City, it’s hot and humid with the recent rain. Every one is at work but a group of tequila connoisseurs are all hanging out at Port Fonda for Viva Sangrita. Viva Sangrita is an event that is based around the Mexican drink a Sangrita. This event has been going on for 4 years and it’s the first time in Kansas City. There are bartenders from all over Missouri and as far as Milwaukee. They are competing to win $1,000 to go down to The Tales of the Cocktails(which is a huge cocktail event in New Orleans filled with competitions, seminars, and reuniting with friends) to compete to win the grand prize of a trip to Mexico to visit the distillery and well… Have a hell of a good time as well as taking in knowledge of tequila. There are a ton of Kansas City’s own participating hoping to represent Kansas City down in New Orleans. —Continue Reading.


One thought on “Port Fonda Hosts Viva Sangrita 2014

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