Cheese Slipper Saturdays are BACK!


In the Westside Neighborhood in Kansas City, there is a little bakery called Fervere, who makes beautiful artisan breads. During the summer all of my friends look forward to the day that we wait in line for the Cheese Slipper.


What is a Cheese Slipper though? A Cheese Slipper is ciabatta bread that is stuffed with some cheese and covered in cheese. It is just heavenly. You can get this bread when they are open Thursday through Saturday in the morning.


On Saturday evenings though Fervere gets amazing local ingredients and puts them on top of this bread. Ingredients like mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, asparagus and fresh herbs. It’s AMAZING!!! They pair amazingly with a glass of wine or a soda or snow cone from Little Freshie, which is just right around the corner.


Last year the last evening of Cheese Slippers probably sold out in under an hour, and many people were turned away. This last Saturday was the first night and I wanted to make sure that I was able to get my hands on one. Doors opened at 6p, but I got there about 5:15p and there were already 3 people waiting in line. By 5:30p the line was already at a block long. When the doors open the long was pretty consistantly that long.


I know a lot of people want me keep this on the down low, but really how can something this good keep under wraps for too long.

My advice to you is get there early. Even if you do not get there and there is a line, a Cheese Slipper is always worth the wait. It’s $8 a Cheese Slipper unless they have one with a little bit more nicer or rare ingredients. Bring cash.

Memorial Day is not the sign of summer in Kansas City anymore, it is when the Cheese Slippers make their appearance.

Happy Summer, and Cheers.


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