Confessions of a Caffeine Crawler


Day one was a ton of fun. I was surprised I only stayed up til about 2 a.m. before I fell asleep. Then I had to be up in about 6 hours to get ready for the second day of the Caffeine Crawl. It started at About The Coffee with PT’s Coffee from Topeka, Kansas. At this first stop we went over what exactly Direct Trade is. That’s essentially the core of what PT’s is about. They love making relationships and seeing how the farmer’s use the money received to improve the quality of their coffee. Scott Baldwin, from Slayer, and Ozzie were pulling shots of the Panama Elida Estate on the beautiful Slayer. Then outside, Sadie was brewing the Panama on the Chemex. Then Marty was inside discussing the kyoto brew, where we also got to taste the Panama brewed as a kyoto. Wow first stop and I’m was already getting jittery. — Continue Reading.

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