**UPDATE** Gas Explosion at JJ’s Restaurant

In case you have not heard the news yet, JJ’s Restaurant off of 48th and Belleview Ave. was on fire this evening just before 6:00p.m. from a gas explosion. I received multiple texts and phone calls from dad because I live just off of the Plaza at 39th and Wyoming. Not really knowing what had happened while I was at work. I heard about a fire on the Plaza, but that was the just of it. I then called my dad to reassure to him that I was okay, I was at work. After then talking to our customers tonight about it, I found out that about 12 were injured and then I also did a little bit more research on social media networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I also learned that 2 people are currently missing and searching has seized and will begin again in the morning.

Being the curious person that I am, I actually drove by the site, as closely as I could. It was such a site to see so many roads blocked off and police, fire trucks, and ambulances driving around. My prayers definitely go out to the families and friends affected by this terrible incident, but as well as those who are going to be working hard around the clock to make sure things are sorted out and safe.

In case you do not already know I love Kansas City. Kansas City will always have a place in my heart. It’s not because of the awesome coffee culture that’s growing, and it’s not because of the beautiful restaurants we have either. If you have lived in Kansas City for a period of time, you will quickly find out that we are a tight knit community around here. You meet someone new, you are bound to find someone you have in common. Everyone knows everyone, and because of that, we all care about each other. I mean if you just go to Twitter, and search #plazafire you will find a ton of restaurants and other local businesses showing their support for what happened tonight. It’s only going to continue to grow. Here are just a few from Twitter.

@boulevard_beer: Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends at JJ’s Restaurant@ThePlazaKC #plazafire

@alexKCTV5: As a Plaza resident I’m grateful for the awesome work by all 4 stations today. We’re competitors but we’re also Kansas Citians. #PlazaFire

@lab5702: Thinking about this great city as a symbol of KC’s food & bev scene is gone & those in our community were injured. #TogetherWeWillHelp

@remedywaldo: The Staff at Remedy have JJ’s and their employees on our mind. Hope that everyone is safe we hope for the best… http://fb.me/2dCKoMgYq

@onemorecupkc: Big thoughts & prayers with everyone at JJ’s. Bringing up memories of the Waldo fire (which thankfully no one was in.) Scary, scary.

And these are just a few tweets. If you have not seen any pictures and you are on Instagram just #plazafire and you will see many crazy photographs. One of the joys of technology is the multiple views from people around the world and their smart phones.

Continue to say prayers for the friends and families of the victims, but of course everyone that is involved in the situation. As a Twitter user put it:

@dannyboi965: The fact the fire didn’t spread proves how great the #KCFD is. Buy your local firefighter a beer this week #PlazaFire

If you are in Kansas City and see anybody in uniform, buy them a drink. They are all working hard to keep everyone safe and get down to investigating what initiated the explosion. Keep an eye out on your local news source for updates on the situation.

Good night and cheers.


As of Wednesday at 10:30 am the Mayor had a press conference. They released that 9 people had left the hospital that morning, leaving 3 in critical condition, 2 in serious condition, and 1 in stable condition. The mayor also mentioned that one body was found in the ruble. Her name was Megan Jennifer Cramer, staff at JJ’s.

Since the explosion, there have been multiple ways you can help.

Cowtown Throwdown
Saturday, February 23rd at 8pm sharp at Quay Coffee off of 4th and Deleware in the River Market.
Baristas and home enthusiasts will be getting together for a latte art throwdown. Normally first and second place winners leave with cash, but in lieu of the situation, all money raised will be going towards JJ’s Restaurant.

So stop by Quay for some great coffee and a great time.

There are also a group of 70+ restaurants for one day, February 23rd, are giving 10% of profits to JJ’s owner, Jimmy Frantze.

Click here for the link the restaurants participating.

If you cannot attend either of these events due to the recent snow storm or would rather just give directly, you can always do so via the Red Cross or even through this PayPal account that was just created for JJ’s Staff.

Don’t forget about the firemen, policemen, and nurses and doctors that worked so hard to keep everyone safe and the situation under control. Go and brew coffee for them, bring them baked goods, or if you can’t do that a simple card of thanks is perfect. They work so hard for our city everyday that sometimes we forget until situations like this arise. So let’s not forget.


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