Kansas City – The City With Hidden Treasures


Have you ever walked around a city and noticed a ton of restaurants, cafes, or bars? Have you ever felt intimidated going into them? I feel that it is human nature to stick to the norm. We see a new restaurant and it can intimidate us because it’s new, something different. Sometimes we need guidance on where to go and what to get.

Kansas City is no different from any other city. We, too, have our holes in the wall restaurants. We, too, have those bars that cry out, “Welcome home,” when you arrive. We even have those coffee shops that will know your name and your order after only the first time you arrive.

KC Morsel will be that guide into what seems to be a scary tunnel but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Kansas City has so much to offer, although we can only give you a taste of it. Come on this adventure with us to visit all that makes Kansas City what it is.



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